Dawning Of The Day

Dawning of the Day

by Gerald Lewis Conken

As a people awaiting the return of our Savior, we are forever looking for signs of the closing events, rightly so, because the Scriptures say that we will be able to “see the day approaching.” Our anticipation has, for the most part, been in vain. Time and again we have had our hopes dashed to pieces. A time will come when our excitement will be justified.

Dawning of the Day is a revelation of major current events that, when viewed in their entirety, paint a picture of what could be Satan’s last effort to deceive the people of God and bring in the long expected global Sabbath laws.

An “overwhelming surprise,” a “snare,” these are the words inspired by God to describe how the final crisis will be seen by “all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth” (Luke 21:35).

The surprise begins now, as you see for the first time how Satan has been working undercover to arrange things to accomplish his work. The groundwork is in place, the support is there, very little remains before the trap is sprung on an unprepared church, and unsuspecting world.

“For those who want to be enlightened and prepared for the second coming of Jesus, Dawning of the Day is a must read.”¬† -Pastor Charles F. Hindman

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