Startling new insight into the Pope’s visit to Congress in September 2015

This new evidence seriously raises the question, is a universal environmental Sabbath in the near future?

As I have presented in the program “An Overwhelming Surprise” evidence is mounting that suggests this may be upon us very soon.

Until recently it has been speculation as to whether an environmental Sabbath would result from all the activity taking place around the world in efforts to “save the earth”. A scenario that was previously a strong possibility has been elevated to the status of a high probability.

A group of concerned Christians were present in D.C. at the time of the Popes visit; their purpose was to protest his entrance (as a religious leader) into the affairs of the government of our country. They set up a booth close to one of the main entrances to the Senate building, where they were giving out literature and talking to those who passed that way.

Noticing large numbers of priests from the papal delegation coming and going several days before the Popes speech, they asked them the purpose of their early visits to Congress. The surprising answer gave a new level of credibility to the message of this website.

While there Don Frost, who is very active in spreading the message of end times prophecies, videotaped his experience. Click on the video below to hear first hand of his eye opening encounter.

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There it is, straight from the papal delegation. Even though the Pope didn’t specifically mention a Sabbath for the earth, his representatives were working in the background educating the representatives of Congress, on the thrust of his encyclical and what he suggests to save the earth, a universal environmental Sabbath.

This was not the first time his representatives met with our legislators. Immediately after the release of his encyclical they were out in force to explain it’s fine points and seek their support. Here is what was said by The Guardian(a Catholic magazine) in a news report on the event:

US Catholics ready to follow Pope’s ‘marching orders’ on climate change

Thursday 18 June 2015

Leaders of the Catholic church in America took their “marching orders” from the pope’s encyclical on Thursday, fanning out to Congress and the White House to push for action on climate change.

The high-level meetings offered a first glimpse of a vast and highly organized effort by the leadership of America’s nearly 80 million Catholics to turn the pope’s moral call for action into reality.

“It is our marching orders for advocacy,” Joseph Kurtz, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Archbishop of Louisville, said. “It really brings about a new urgency for us.”

Representatives of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops said they would hold two briefings for members of Congress on Thursday and visit the White House on Friday to promote and explain the pope’s environmental message.

Those efforts will get a new injection of urgency, when the pope delivers a much-anticipated address to Congress during his visit to the US in September, church leaders said.

It seems clear that the leader of the largest Christian church in the world has chosen to take on the climate crisis and is mustering all the resources of the Catholic church and the power it gives him to correct the problem. History testifies to the means she has used in the past.

The times in which we live are serious indeed, we need to keep our eyes wide open and fortify our minds with scriptural truth so we are not deceived and caught unprepared.